Kevin Perry's ascents on 05/22/2010

Allamuchy Mountain

I use this trail fairly regularly to prep for more difficult hikes. It is a nice measured loop so I can satisfy my obsession with nice round mileage numbers. Although the trail is "officially" listed as between 3.5 and 3.8 miles, following the older pine swamp trail through the trailer camping area is 4 miles, car-to-car.

As described by other members, starting from the picnic area, you connect to the Pine Swamp Trail. I usually go to the right for a counterclockwise route. The trail is generally clear and well-marked, with several nice streams and a stretch though a nice patch of mountain laurel. It's a good stretch of the legs. When you get to the sign for the highest point, you may notice that the actual high point is nearby, and easy to attain, though unmarked.