Mark Jones's ascents on 05/16/2015

Westby Ridge

Met Allen R. on the RD end to end traverse in April. He told me that he had just completed the NJ1K peaks, congratulations. This stimulated me to resume my quest. From past reading I knew that Hudson Farms has a day each year when they open for hikes. I contacted them and was very quickly given permission and a time and place to enter their property. Was directed to park just where the woods roads start. Followed woods roads in until the point where I realized I needed to start the bushwhack to Westby Ridge. Quite steep initially, negotiating rocks, but then leveled out and then crossed another more primative woods road close to summit. If I had continued on the original woods road further east I could have connected to this woods road. Ah but then it would have been less fun. Nothing to see on summit but took a coupe of photos. Next on to Wright Pond Cliffs.

Westby Ridge summit.
Westby Ridge summit.

Wright Pond Cliffs

Followed primative woods road down from Westby Ridge and connected to original woods road I had been on. Turned left (east) towards Wright Pond Cliffs. Initially took incorrect right turn and ended up in a a clearing where I was a amazed to see a beautiful Eagle souring from tree to tree. This was one of the hike hilites. Backtracked and then found the correct woods road which lead all the way to the summit. Just had a very short bushwhack finally to the summit point. Then continued on the fading woods road to the overlook where there was a fireplace and views to the pond below. Returned to my car. Texted my contact who said he was happy I enjoyed my hike. #41.