Brom Vermeulen's ascents on 03/06/2012

Westby Ridge

I first got permission from Hudson Farm to hike on their property. I then parked at CO Johnson Park. Leaving the park, I crossed the old railbed, and worked my way up the ravine between Wright Pond Cliffs and the 1066' neighbor of Westby Ridge. When I reached the woods road that runs between Westby and Wright, I turned left and bushwhacked straight up to the summit of Westby Ridge, which is pretty much viewless. After a few minutes on top, I retraced my steps to the woods road.

Summit of Westby Ridge.
Westby Ridge seen from Wright Pond Cliffs.

Wright Pond Cliffs

After leaving the summit of Westby Ridge, I followed the woods road all the way to the top of Wright Pond Cliffs, which does have some views. The cliffs, seen from below, are quite impressive, but the best part was getting these two "forbidden" peaks done. I returned the way I had come.

Summit of Wright Pond Cliffs.
Wright Pond and an impressive cairn.
Wright Pond Cliffs.