Brom Vermeulen's ascents on 02/03/2012

Bearfort Mountain North

I parked at the Stateline trailhead, and hiked up to the Ernest Walter Trail, which I took southwest to the Bearfort Ridge trail. Followed the BR trail southwest until I judged I was close to the summit, and started to bushwhack in that direction. This was a mistake. I spent about 1/2 hour; getting around a 30 foot dropoff into a swamp, through dense rhododendron thickets, sometimes on my hands and knees, to cover the 1/4 mile to the summit.

At the summit, I couldn't find the cairn noted by Jon, but did set up 4 rocks at what appeared to me to be the high spot.

On the return, I took the side trip to Grand View, which lived up to it's name. Despite a little haze, I could see the NYC skyline to the right, and Skytop in the 'gunks to the left. A span of approximately 75 miles.

Swamp below the summit.
Bearfort Mtn. Summit?