Brom Vermeulen

Trail Conference and ADK member. I'm sometimes accompanied by my wife Maryann, also an avid hiker, who I met 25 years ago hiking in Harriman Park; but she's not a fan of bushwhacking.

Other interests include biking and birding.

We live in Lebanon Township, Hunterdon Cty; which has a few spots above 1000', but none that qualify for the NJ1K list.

You can contact me at: NJ Hiking:Connect
Total climbs52
Distinct summits attained51
Percent complete100%

Trip Reports

Catfish Mountain on 09/05/2012
High Point on 03/18/2012
Westby Ridge and Wright Pond Cliffs on 03/06/2012
Jennings Mountain and Big Beech Mountain on 02/07/2012
Bearfort Mountain North on 02/03/2012
Bearfort Mountain and Boulder Pine Peak on 11/15/2011
Drag Hill and Rocky Mountain on 08/11/2011
Ilgenstein Rock on 07/19/2011
Windbeam Mountain on 06/19/2011
Bald Mountain on 06/08/2011