Mount Gerard

Mount Gerard

Mount Gerard is a modest summit in the northern Sparta mountains. The summit is viewless when the leaves are up and only has limited views when the leaves are down.

You wouldn't know it from the photograph, but the climb from Summit Lake is steep enough to require you to use your hands in climbing.

Elevation 1302
Decimal degrees 41.1003, -74.5405
County Sussex
Ownership public
Owner Sparta Mountain Wildlife Management Area, Pequannock Watershed
Topo map Acme Mapper
Nearest higher neighbor Dunker Mountain

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Trip Reports

Brian Shultis climbed Mount Gerard on 12/06/2020
Steven Spreitzer climbed Mount Gerard on 04/11/2020
John Rushman (Doc) climbed Mount Gerard on 01/13/2020
William Bubniak climbed Mount Gerard on 01/15/2018
Bill VS climbed Mount Gerard on 08/28/2016

Pictures from Mount Gerard

Summit rock.

Summit rock. —Jeff Bennett

Abandoned building on east slopes.

Abandoned building on east slopes. —Jeff Bennett

Mountain from the lake.

Mountain from the lake. —Jeff Bennett

Mt. Gerard Summit Area

Mt. Gerard Summit Area —Brom Vermeulen