Mount Fairway

Mount Fairway

Mount Fairway (unofficial name) is a high-prominence conical mountain in Warren County.

Mount Fairway is mostly on private property, yet it can be climbed via the power lines right of way and a few woods roads constructed to service the communications tower at the summit. Warren County owns some acres on the mountain for a nature reserve.

Mount Fairway lacks unobstructed views from anywhere but the powerline cut, but the slopes are steep enough that hikers can enjoy views through the trees.

Elevation 1080
Decimal degrees 40.7803, -75.002
County Warren
Ownership private
Topo map Acme Mapper
Nearest higher neighbor County House Mountain

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Trip Reports

Steve Welgoss climbed Mount Fairway on 04/22/2018
JohnVC climbed Mount Fairway on 11/13/2016
Bill VS climbed Mount Fairway on 11/13/2016
Mark Jones climbed Mount Fairway on 01/16/2016
Anthony Olivari climbed Mount Fairway on 04/25/2015

Pictures from Mount Fairway

Summit road.

Summit road. —Jeff Bennett

Powerline cut.

Powerline cut. —Jeff Bennett

Brick Shed

Brick Shed —Brom Vermeulen

Shed with Rock Cores

Shed with Rock Cores —Brom Vermeulen

Mt. Fairway Summit

Mt. Fairway Summit —Brom Vermeulen