Great Day for a Hike in Jenny Jump St. Park. Parked Just above the ranger station at the Summit trail- TrailHead. After Making all the nessesary Pit stops across from the parking, Sherryl and I headed Up the summit trail. The Goal was to Summit Jenny Jump #1 HP. Right off the Bat the trail made a steep little climb, but settled down quickly and made a nice hike across the range. Stopped by a few geocaches along the way, Took some pictures, then headed up the trail! We made the Summit fairly quickly, then down the hill for more geocaches in the park. When we returned to my parking, I decided to make a quick ascent up JJ#2 while sherryl waited for me. From the Col and parking between JJ1 and JJ2, I bushwacked .17 miles up from the parking to the summit. reBuilt a Cairn, Took more photos. Then made my way down a much quicker way that ended behind Campground #5. Now, Just a quick stroll back to the car !


Summit Jenny Jump Mountain 2
Climber Sam Zara - dodetrexer
Ascent date 08/29/2010
Successful Yes

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