After reading all the reports, I was apprehensive about this walk. With the brambles and the No Trespassing signs. But it wasn't too awful. It was challenging with the brambles and that we didn't find much in the way of trails to follow. And it was hot and humid today. But we took our time.

Parked on state land near 927 Rockport Road and started on an ATV trail, but it quickly disappeared into the brambles. After that, made it across the powerline and a more-or-less direct route to the summit. No view from the summit. Less than 2 miles round-trip. We found a few No Trespassing signs, but one of my hiking buddies (works for the State of NJ wildlife division), confirmed we were on state property and could ignore the signs.


Summit Upper Pohatcong Mountain
Climber John Rushman (Doc)
Ascent date 06/10/2020
Successful Yes

Trip report pictures

At the "summit"

At the "summit"