Parking: Dunnfield Parking Area @ Route 80

Hiking Partners: Miroslaw Rogowski

Description: Bagged Mount Tammany, Catfish Mountain, and Mount Paradise while hiking and geocaching on a 31.6 mile epic one day thru-hike in the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area. Highlights included Sunfish Pond, lunch at the AMC Mohican Outdoor Center, climb up Catfish firetower with stellar views, night hiking along the Kittatinny ridge, and a Search & Rescue at 1AM to find a lost friend in the woods who was using a flashlight found on the trail. Having that Bar Harbor Real Ale (English Brown Ale) at 2AM at the car was bliss!


Summit Mount Paradise
Climber George Grzyb
Ascent date 08/19/2012
Successful Yes

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