What a fun hike this was. I almost forgot my North Jersey Trails map made by the New York-New Jersey Trail Conference. Even though I had my GPS, this was a very helpful map to have along. I parked at the Clinton Road trail-head around 1:30 and headed up. Follow the Blue Trail north an east until you get to a open cut for high tension wires. The high tension wires and poles have been removed and they are actively reforesting the area. The trail continues up the southern edge of the clearing. You will be scrambling over some rocky areas...get used to this, it just gets worse (or better, if you like scrambling...I had a blast). As you get closer to the top of the ridge, you will have to scramble up short sections of rock, all with good footholds. There is even on short (4 foot maybe?) section where you might need your hands. As you get close to Terrace Pond, you will head south (to your right) to pick up the southern high points. I followed the Terrace Pond Trail around the the red trail, and followed by GPS to the closest area on the trail and started bushwhacking in. You will scramble up rock fins, one of the highest ones had a bunch of tarps covering something (as SAR cache maybe?). It is tough to see from the top of one fin to the next due to the trees. Keep going until you are sure you were on all the high ones. When you head back, work your way back to the trail. I though I would follow one valley between the fins back and it was arduous. Follow the trail around the north side of the pond and take the trail north...about in line with the highpoint on the map, bushwhack east up the fins. Go to the top of the highest fin you see and find the benchmark. If it is a reference mark, follow the arrow to the benchmark. There are at least 2 reference marks and the benchmark. I think another fin to the east is just about as high, so you may want to hit that one as well. I actually went further on the trail, north of the HP and bushwhacked over, but when I dropped down to the trail I found that easier way.

Had lunch on one of the fins overlooking Terrace Pond. A couple hiking ahead of me saw a bear, which is always cool in New Jersey.


Summit Bearfort Mountain
Climber Ed Wandall
Ascent date 06/09/2012
Successful Yes