This trail was beautiful and a lot of fun! I went with two friends. We had lots of fun though one of them was not at all in shape and so was consequently exhausted and very sore the next day! She also decided to bring along a huge water container instead of something she could drink from. We knew there was no way she could carry it so we told her we could share. However, we had brought enough for ourselves on the hike and not her too. She drank all the amount that was hers almost immediately which became a problem when we realized that the trail was much longer than we thought. We had not correctly understood the park ranger. So we were all quite thirsty by the end though we still had a blast! My other friend and I ran the last 1/2 mile to get to the car and water. However my less-in-shape friend was exhausted so she just took her time and sang opera (!) at the top of her lungs to cope with the situation (maybe that is another reason why we ran back to the car:)!). We liked it so much though that we keep talking about taking a big group of our friends to do the hike and then camp out afterwards- we will see if that ever happens :)
However, to anyone considering this hike-it is well worth it!! It is gorgeous and a fun hike. Though not really challenging to an experienced hiker (not that I am one)- it is not boring- some of the views are gorgeous. Just bring enough water :)! My suggestion is the following : there is a car accessible road that leads to a parking lot not far from the top. If you think that someone in your group might not make it to the top and then by another trail back down to the parking lot at the entrance, or if you want to refill water and get snacks halfway through the hike- take two cars and park one at the top of the road by the summit and then drive back down and park the other one at the beginning of the trail. That way you have access to water half way through your hike! I would definitely recommend this hike though! We had a blast- opera and all :)


Summit Sunrise Mountain
Climber Catherine Nicole Morrison
Ascent date 05/15/2007
Successful Yes